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The Structure of Spatial Segregation

Analyzing multiscalar spatial structure using information theory and machine learning.


Code for analyzing segregation with information theory and machine learning.


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  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017: MIT Course 6.041, Introduction to Probability. I lead problem-solving tutorials, hold office hours, and assist in material preparation for an undergraduate and graduate level introduction to probabilistic modeling.
  • Instructor, Fall 2017: Introduction to Data Science in R. I led a session in which we go from zero to BI dashboards in three hours for incoming Master of Business Analytics Students. Materials here.
  • Invited Seminar Leader, Summer 2017: Information Theory in Network Science at Northeastern’s Network Science Institute. Lecture notes available on arXiv.

You can also read nice things my students have said about me, or view my complete teaching history.

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While working on a variational Bayes problem, I noticed that divergences of independent distributions add.


Daisy Zhuo and I had the pleasure last week of leading a day-long session for MIT’s Master of Business Analytics students in which we survey a complete, tidy data science workflow for the R programming language. If you are interested in a concise introduction to the basics, or can use these materials in your own teaching, please feel free to browse them here. Feedback is most welcome!