Recent Publications


Network Community Dynamics

A coevolutionary model of community structure in social networks. With Peter J. Mucha.

Multiscale Urban Growth

A simple model of urban growth on distinct agglomeration scales. With Ema Strano, Adrian Albert, and Marta C. Gonzalez.

The Structure of Spatial Segregation

Analyzing multiscalar spatial structure using information theory and machine learning.


Code for analyzing segregation with information theory and machine learning.


Current and Upcoming

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2018: 6.268, “Network Science and Models.” I will give lectures, lead recitation sections, and prepare materials in an interdisciplinary graduate course on mathematical methods for studying complex networks.
  • Organizer, Winter 2018: 15.S60, “Computing in Optimization and Statistics.” I organize and teach by-researchers-for-researchers sessions on computational tools for contemporary data science.
  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017: MIT Course 6.041, Introduction to Probability. I lead problem-solving tutorials, hold office hours, and assist in material preparation for an undergraduate and graduate level introduction to probabilistic modeling.

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I’m giving an expository talk on the elements of causal inference with some connections to big data; find the slides here.


While working on a variational Bayes problem, I noticed that divergences of independent distributions add.